203. Pollinator Garden

As you walk around this pollinator garden, look for birds, bees, butterflies and other insects at


Pollinators are responsible for helping to produce almost a third of our food and for the continued

functioning of our ecosystems. But many face an uncertain future because their natural habitats

are disappearing.

To save pollinators, we need to understand and support their entire life cycles. That means

maintaining a diversity of native plants that evolved with pollinators. These provide food and

habitat for pollinators in all of their life stages. It’s also necessary to keep ecosystems intact and

free of pesticides.

The good news is we can all make a difference. Many farmers have begun to set aside part of

their land to grow native plants for pollinators. You can help, too! Learn about local pollinators

and the plants they need, then plant a garden to support them—in a pot, an outdoor plot, or even

a whole field.