205. Regional Garden

The Regional Garden highlights plants native to the Mid-Atlantic area. We selected the plants

around you for their form, ecological value, and horticultural qualities.

By using only native plants, the garden is especially valuable to local wildlife, offering the food,

water, shelter, and habitats needed to survive.

Walking through the garden, you might hear the calls of birds, or catch sight of butterflies, bees

and hummingbirds feeding on flowers. The plants you see are typical of the Mid-Atlantic. Look

for dogwoods, river birches, milkweeds, and switchgrass.

If you have some growing space at home, you can create a wildlife habitat. Just follow a few

simple rules:

Make sure to use a diverse selection of plants native to your own geographic area. Choose plants

adapted to the moisture, soil, and sunlight your site has to offer. Avoid unnecessary use of

pesticides, and make water available for wildlife. Give it a try!