206. Bog Area

The bog area around you is known as a wet pine savanna. Bogs like this are found in the Mid-

Atlantic, mainly in the region’s coastal plains, where the ground is usually flat and often


Wet pine savannas are one of the most species-rich habitats in North America. Here, you can see

white-topped sedges, sundews, and marsh ladies’ tresses, as well as many other uncommon native


The sparse tree canopy in wet pine savannas allows growing room for a dense layer of flowers

and herbs along the ground. In a natural setting, frequent, low-intensity fires caused by lightning

clear out invading shrubs.

Wet pine savannas are in high demand for agriculture and development in the Mid-Atlantic.

Naturally occurring fires are quickly put out, and that disturbs the native plant ecosystem.

Many experts believe protection of the remaining wet pine savannas is urgent because of the

great number of rare plants and animals that depend on these habitats. They recommend the use

of controlled burns to help manage and restore these areas.