210. Amphitheater

Welcome to the Amphitheater! Have a seat on the cream-colored marble that once formed the

steps of the portico leading up to the House of Representatives in the United States Capitol.

These steps were removed when the West Terrace was added to the Capitol between 1884 and

1892. They were installed here when this part of the Garden opened in 2006.

Depending on when you visit, the Amphitheater might be a quiet place to relax and appreciate

the view, or it might be alive with activity. On summer evenings, the amphitheater often provides

the stage for outdoor concerts.

You may also see this space transformed into an outdoor classroom engaging students in the

wonders of the plant world.

The Amphitheater is a great spot to sit for a few moments and observe the plantings, which serve

as a window into diverse Mid-Atlantic habitats that support so many pollinators and birds.