307. Oak Diversity

There is a good reason that the oak is the national tree of the United States: it’s a symbol of strength and endurance.

Oaks are in the genus Quercus, and they’re valued for their beauty, for the shade they provide, for the resources they offer to native insects and other animals, and for the quality of their hardwood. More than 60 species of oaks are native to the U.S. 

Around the world, more than 450 species of oaks play crucial roles in their native ecosystems, providing habitat and food for a wide range of wildlife.

Studies show that eastern American oaks support more species of butterflies and moths than any other kind of trees. Here in Bartholdi Park, you will find nearly a dozen species of oak trees, and if you’re visiting in the fall, you’ll be treated to a brilliant show of fall color.

Look for our white oak—which is native to the eastern United States. This tree can live for centuries and is one of our most prized native trees. Next, look for the scarlet oak—which is the official tree of the District of Columbia. What other oak species can you find in the park? 

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