311. Woody Edibles

Many of the fruits and nuts we eat come from trees, shrubs, and vines, collectively known as woody edibles.  

These plants are perennials, meaning they produce fruit, nuts, and berries year after year. This is in contrast to many of the herbs, fruits, and vegetables in the Kitchen Garden that are annuals and must be planted every year from seed. 

Often woody edibles require lengthy and careful cultivation to successfully produce the oranges, lemons, apples, cherries, and other produce we enjoy every day. Around the world, farmers spend years tending orchards to make this happen.

But you don’t have to be a farmer to raise fruit and berries in your garden. With a little know-how and patience, you can make it happen, too! Climate and soil conditions determine what grows well. If you’re not from the D.C. region, check with your state’s Extension Service or a local nursery to see what thrives where you live. 

Explore the area around the Kitchen Garden. You will find woody edibles such as pomegranates, figs, and grapes. Do you see anything in fruit today? 

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